7 Foods that we take daily and that could end our health slowly

We all know that there are certain foods, such as processed products, that are harmful to our health. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends limiting the consumption of many other foods that you probably take daily.

According to the WHO, the excessive consumption of sausages and other processed meats such as Sausages or bacon, could cause cancer. In fact, organisms such as the OCU claim that it contributes too many saturated fats . The best thing is that you opt for extra virgin olive oil.

 7 Foods that we take daily and that could end our health slowly
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These are the foods that you should reduce in your diet according to WHO

1- Palm oil

Palm oil can produce cardiovascular diseases DNA damage and even cancer. The main problem is that this oil is present in a large number of processed products such as cookies, cereals, margarines, chocolates and sweets.

2- Soft drinks light

Light soft drinks do not contain sugar, it is true, but for continue to have that sweet taste, they add a lot of artificial sweeteners very harmful to health. They are related to vascular problems and cardiac conditions.

 7 Foods that we take daily and that could end our health slowly
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3- White rice

Rice is one of the foods basic in the Mediterranean diet. However, it is important that we consume brown rice. White rice may increase the risk of suffering type 2 diabetes due to the large amount of refined flour it contains.

4- Very toasted bread

We all love toast, but if we abuse the heat and let it burn, it may cause the appearance of acrylamide, an organic compound also present in tobacco. In addition also generates glycidamide, another carcinogenic substance. On the other hand it can also generate fertility problems and affect the nervous system.

5- Apple

This may surprise you, but the seed of apples contains a compound that can form hydrogen from cyanide, ] a component that is highly toxic to our body.

 7 Foods we eat every day that could end our health slowly
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6- Potatoes

Potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates However, when your skin becomes green after a few days, it can be very dangerous. The green layer contains a large quantity of toxic substances such as solanine, which can cause stomach and intestinal problems.

7- Cheese slices

Sliced ​​cheese is a mixture of dairy products, fats, sera and vegetable colorants. Its high content of sodium and fats can increase cholesterol levels .

 7 Foods that we take daily and that could end our health slowly
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These foods probably form part of your day to day, therefore try to reduce your consumption to guarantee your health.

Did you know what these foods could produce? Tell us in the comments!

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