7 Fantastic tricks that will leave your car like new

When you go to buy your first car someone, either your parents or the kind man who is selling the car, should inform you that you are about to acquire an inexhaustible source of expenses that will leave your bank account in red every Two for three

Today we bring you the best tricks so that your car is as good as new after suffering a dent without having to go through the workshop, and the outlay that entails.

7 tricks to leave your car as new

1-Dry ice

 7 Fantastic tricks that will leave your car like new

This is, of all the tricks, the most difficult, since normally we do not have dry ice at home, but if you have it, it is to sew and sing. You just have to take the dry ice and put it in the center of the blow ( always with gloves! ). After a while making its effect and thanks to the temperature difference, the blow will end up contracting and "jumping".

2- Hair dryer

 7 Fantastic tricks that will leave your car like new
wonderhowto [19659007] Return your car to its original state in two steps. First apply heat with a hair dryer and then immediately cool air with an air compressor.

3- Unclogger

 7 Fantastic tricks that will leave your car like new

If you do not have a plunger in Home you deserve everything that happens to you. This method is the simplest of all and works especially well on the doors. Wet the plunger a bit and make suction with the dent.

4- Vacuum cleaner

A little more elaborate than the previous ones, you will need a vacuum with enough power to work.

 7 Fantastic tricks that will leave your car as new

Grab a plastic bucket and drill a hole in the bottom of the vacuum tube's size. Put the tube in and seal the hole. Now put the other side of the bucket on your car and re-seal the union with electrical tape. The idea is that when you turn on the vacuum cleaner, suction all the air in the bucket and empty it so that the sheet returns to its place. The smaller the dent, the better.

5- Car in the sun

 7 Fantastic tricks that will leave your car looking like new

Before trying to prevent the hail from falling on your car, as tried this poor man, something you can do is put it in the sun after the storm. It will not leave the car as new, but many of the blows will disappear and then you just have to choose between one of the other tricks to have everything ready.

6- Hot glue

 7 Fantastic tricks that will leave your car like new

Take some wooden blocks and cross them with a nail. Now stick them to the bun with thermodynamic glue and when it is firmly fixed, pull, PULL! As if your life were in it. Once the dent is in place, you can remove the wooden studs by rotating them or with a little alcohol.

7- Boiling water

As simple as pouring water boiling in the dent and helping your hands or a plunger to return to its original state.

What do you think of these tricks? Did you know any?

Share with your driving friends so that they have their cars as new.

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