6 Real places that were haunted by ghosts after being victims of violent crimes

We are all going to die, it is a fact that we have to assume. It is estimated that some 150,000 people die around the world every day. When the time comes, death appears in the least unthinkable ways. And while none is better than another, we tend to take more into account the deaths of those who were victims of some type of violence.

What happens if death happens to you without you being ready to go to the other world? Are you able to leave part of yourself on earth to wander for eternity?

Here are 6 places haunted by ghosts that were victims of violence:

1- Funeral playground

 6 Real places that were haunted by ghosts after being victims of violent crimes

In addition to the oldest in Huntsville, Maple Hill Cemetery in Alabama is the favorite resting place of the wealthiest of the Yellowhammer state. During the day, the cemetery is a sunny and sunny place, but when the twilight comes, the souls of the deceased children go out to play .

Located on the edge of the extensive cemetery is a small ] playground and when the clock shows 10 o'clock at night, the rusty swings come alive, the slides groan under an inadvertent weight and strange laughs sound over the cemetery still in calm.

The legend says that Madison County suffered a wave of child abductions in the early 1960s. Eventually, the children were found dead in the playground, but the killer was never caught.

2- The Black Witch's cell

 6 Real places that were haunted by ghosts after being victims of violent crimes

Over in the south of Ireland it is said that Old Abbey, now only a ruin that crumbles with the passage of time in an isolated place in the county of Limerick, is the abode of the ghost of a Satanic nun who was buried alive .

The locals nicknamed the church's old sacristy the "cell of the Black Witch" because it is said to be performing their satanic rituals there.

At the death of the nun, there are different theories. One states that was found in a dead chair and her face was dislocated with a grimace of horror. It is said that the Devil finally came for his soul but left his tormented spirit to stalk future visitors.

The other story is much darker: during a local skirmish between rival houses, the nun was wounded by an arrow . Believing she was dead, the Earl of Desmond buried her. After the terrified farmers reported having heard the nun's drowned cries the tomb was exhumed, but it was too late.

3- Hampton Lillibridge House

 6 Royal Places that were haunted by ghosts after being victims of violent crimes
Library of Congress

If you walk along East Saint Julian Street in Savannah, Georgia, it is likely that you pass the most haunted house in the city without you noticing. Outside, the Hampton Lillibridge house is almost charming, a well-preserved 18th-century relic of the United States. However, his story conceals a very dark past .

A sailor swinging from a makeshift rope in a room on the third floor. The moans of a whole family poisoned by their slaves. An old crypt under the foundations, discovered accidentally and then sealed by terrified workers …

There are many rumors about the past of the house, but perhaps one of the most shocking stories is the one that has to do with its last owner a man named Jim Williams.

Williams was with several friends when they heard noises coming from upstairs. The house was still being renovated at that time, and the noises were coming from a room with a hole for the open fireplace on the third floor.

When a friend of Williams entered the room, felt that invisible force what grabbed it and pushed it towards the open hole for the fireplace . Only the fact that he fell to the ground prevented him from being pushed towards his death.

4- The house of death

 6 Real places that were haunted by ghosts after being victims of violent crimes
Time Out [19659028] Everyone agrees there is something sinister at 14 West 10th Street in Greenwich Village, New York. For more than a century, the house has allegedly been the scene of several macabre events.

According to the plaque located in front of the old red house, this was the residence of Mark Twain and they have not been few who have claimed to see the ghostly face of the author appear through one of the windows.

The really terrifying incidents allegedly occurred when the actress and poet Jan Bryant Bartell occupied the house in the 60s. A matter of weeks, she began to experience events taken from a scary movie, such as feeling an icy hand caressing the back of her neck or hearing footsteps following her around the house.

Bartell decided to call a medium, but that It only made things worse. In the first session, the medium entered a deadly trance and spoke of bodies buried under the ground. His eyes snapped open and he then declared that was the spirit of a woman from the Civil War era whose husband had been murdered.

Soon after the medium surprised his small audience by shouting: " I'll never leave! ". Jan managed to publish a book detailing the creepy events, Spindrift: Spray From a Psychic Sea just a few weeks before committing suicide.

5- Jerome, Arizona

 6 Real places that were haunted by ghosts after being victims of violent crimes
Andrew Dunn

Jerome, Arizona, is a ghost town, but not because it has been abandoned by the living, but because it has been taken by the dead. At the end of the 19th century, Jerome was a thriving community in the southwestern United States that began to experience a boom for copper.

Unfortunately, it was not long before Jerome was known for the shootings that resonated in the streets, the mining accidents that buried the men under tons of rubble and the numerous brothels and opium shops that opened in the most sordid areas of the city.

Husband's Alley was the epicenter of the decline of Jerome. A ghost that people claim to see enough in that place is that of Sammie Dean, a prostitute who was strangled in her bed by a client . According to legend, Sammie's ghost wanders restlessly through the streets looking for his killer.

But that's just the tip of Jerome's iceberg. In a nearby mine, "Charlie without a head" goes through the dark tunnels looking for his head. An abandoned clinic houses hundreds of ghosts who died of the flu in 1917. Almost every street and alley in Jerome has a gruesome story to tell.

6- The Ostrich Inn

 6 Real places that were haunted by ghosts after being victims of violent crimes
Maxwell Hamilton

John Jarman ran an inn conveniently located on the main street of Colnbrook. Interestingly, not all accommodations were the same at the Ostrich Inn. For wealthy travelers, Jarman provided a special room directly above the kitchen .

His guests might realize that the bed was stuck in the ground, or maybe not. Maybe they would notice that the room was getting gradually warmer, or maybe they were too tired to worry.

The truth is that when the travelers settled down to spend the night, they got the fright of their lives: by pulling a lever, the floor was opened and the bed was tilted over a trapdoor throwing the guests on a pile full of boiling water .

According to rumors, John Jarman killed more than 60 people at the Ostrich Inn in the seventeenth century. With the help of his wife, he boiled them alive and then piled the bodies in the basement. And, of course, that's where the ghost story begins.

The improvised warehouse in Jarman's basement is now the women's bathroom of a restaurant. The staff of the new facility claims to hear sudden noises, witness the flickering of lights for no reason and find objects that have been moved without apparent explanation.

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