6 Images of the before and after that shows the transformation of a woman when leaving alcohol

Every day comes a new miracle diet that tries to make sure that with it, you can get the body of your dreams. From the diet of cucumber, to watermelon, through which eliminate a group of foods completely from your diet, but do not change your diet very soon, the next day a better one will come out. [19659002] The best option is, without a doubt, to eat healthy and understand that excesses are just a whim, but eliminate sugar, carbohydrates or meat from your diet it is never a healthy solution to long term.

"Leaving the drink was the best decision of my life"

If you are thinking about starting to look for your perfect body, maybe you will be inspired by Jelly Devote, a fitness girl who has revealed ]after getting his dream body, the secret to being fit and healthy.

Alcohol Vs Water

Alcohol Vs Water🥂💦, Sick Vs Healthy🍩🥗, Unhappy Vs Feliz☹️🤩, 20 Vs 27👱 🏼♀️👵🏼.

There are many changes in how I look, how I feel, and how I live my life. 👐🏻.
I've never felt better, I have balance. I eat a donut 🍩 followed by a salad 🥗, I do not drink alcohol 🍷 often, I sigh for my water 💦 and the most important thing that I have gone from hating myself to loving myself ❤ ❤ 🙋 ♀

People always ask how much I lost, and honestly I do not know what my biggest weight was (it does not correspond to the image) because I hated myself so much that it did not weigh me down (probably around 75kg) and now I no longer weigh (The thinnest thing I've ever been with was 45kg, unhealthy mind) 🙆 ♀ 🤷🏼 ♀ 💁 ♀

Weight does not matter, you matter. What you feel for yourself Do not focus on a number that can fluctuate by 5kg in two days 💆 ♀ 🙅 ♀

Now I feel in a state of "balance" from the crazy party nights in Bali 👯 ♀ 🏝 and I feel very good again! and the party life is no longer for me! I prefer to be in slippers 👟 healthy life, and rather to drink protein and smoothies 🍌 🍇 🍓 then drinking champagne 🥂

Jelly had reached a point in her life that her body did not represent her and the image that the mirror returned did not began to take care of his diet and left, drastically drinking alcohol and now, he is happy with his weight, even without knowing what it weighs, because he does not know how much weight he has.

He also uses his account to show that Fitness bodies are not what they seem and the same photo can show the most perfect body and the most normal in the world, everything depends on the angle from which it is take the picture.

What is your perfect body? Would you be able to stop using all kinds of alcohol to improve your health?

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Source: Instagram: @ jellydevote [19659017] Cover image: Instagram: @ jellydevote

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