6 Famous people who have resorted to the fashion of 'rent' mothers that more and more people use

The surrogate mothers or "rent bellies" are one of the most used options by the celebrities when it comes to having their progeny. At first, only same-sex couples resorted to this alternative, since the adoption services, on many occasions, did not consider them suitable.

But in recent times more and more people who decide, either by reproductive problems by lack of partner or by labor incompatibility, having their children through a surrogate mother.

Are surrogate mothers the future of celebrities?

The world capital of the " hirings of hire " is California where celebrities and anonymous from around the world flock to their numerous clinics to receive their services. In Spain this practice is not yet legalized so if you are going to opt for this option, you have to add to the significant sum of hiring a "rent belly", the travel expenses. [19659005] How much does it cost to hire the services of a surrogate mother?

In the US, one of the few countries where the practice is legal, you can expect to pay between 75,000 and 125,000 euros for a surrogate pregnancy. This price includes all medical expenses, legal and intermediary agency fees and the financial compensation of the pregnant woman which is usually around 40,000 euros.

Contact or not with the pregnant woman is a decision of both parties, although there is usually relationship between parents and pregnant woman in order that the future parents share the journey of their unborn baby during their pregnancy.

What celebrities have done use of surrogate mothers?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is an expert in the process of hiring a surrogate mother. He is the father of 3 children all of them gestated through a surrogate mother and wait for the fourth with the same procedure.

Ronaldo's decision goes beyond problems of fertility or sexual orientation. Ronaldo made the decision that his children were his only in case at some point their relationship was over, not having problems with custody.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The couple had their first child in a natural way and after years trying to have the second one, they resorted to a surrogate mother. The couple wanted to maintain contact with the pregnant woman during pregnancy, which meant an exhibition of the pregnant woman that led the couple to spend one of the worst periods of their lives.

Miguel Bosé

] The artist and singer assures that he only resorted to the rent because in Spain " at 50 you close all the doors to adopt ".

Kiko Fernandez

The collaborator of Sálvame also crossed the pond to become a dad.

Sofia Vergara

The popular actress wanted to be a mother again with her current partner, but finding a surrogate mother was a problem for her. Sofia wanted to be sure that the woman was completely trustworthy so she chose one of her best friends to take her pregnancy so that she could follow it firsthand.

] Kim Kardashian

The queen of selfies did not want to leave her children alone North and West but her body was not able to go through the third pregnancy experience and much less, of a childbirth, so he has had no choice but to resort to a " rent belly ".

And you, would you resort to a rental belly?

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