5 Tricks to avoid being robbed at home and that thieves can not even enter

Every professional in the world of alarms will tell you, sooner or later, that if a thief wants to enter your house, he will enter. The key is to make your house as unappetizing as possible for the thieves so that, in this way, they do not want to ever steal.

Alarms, security systems and recording do not prevent you from being robbed, they only give you the possibility of that by stealing, the culprit will be caught. If you want to prevent anyone from entering your house, follow these more economical tips.

Make your house unattractive to thieves

1- The door comes first

 5 Tricks to avoid being robbed at home and that the thieves can not even enter

No thief is going to force your lock, that's too obvious. If your door is armored, it is more likely that you simply dismantle it with a lever, undoing it and then enter like Pedro through your house. There are much more resistant locks, which increase the distance of penetration in the wall, which makes them impossible to disengage.

You can find one of these locks in your local store, but you may need help to install it.

2- Whenever a door is closed, a window opens

The popular proverb is known to everyone, even by thieves. If they can not enter your house through the main door, they will look for a window to access. Sliding doors and windows are the easiest to disengage. Do you remember the maneuver to lower your window and clean it? It can be done the same from the outside.

The trick is to hinder the disassembly with screws, whose protruding heads prevent the window from being dismantled from the outside. Every time you want to clean the window you will have to disassemble the screws, but better prevent than cure.

3- Much more than locks

 5 Tricks to avoid being robbed at home and that thieves can not even enter
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Not everything focuses on locks. Thieves do not like to be seen, a couple of light bulbs with motion sensor on the outside of your house will intimidate any thief. Make sure the light bulbs can not be broken easily, otherwise the invention will not help.

Keep the trees and bushes pruned, privacy is important, but if no one can see your garden, no one will see how your house is evicted.

 5 Tricks to avoid being robbed at home and that thieves can not even enter

If you go on vacation, cancel the newspaper delivery, ask a neighbor to park in your place and by the way, water the plants, so there will be movement in the house and thieves will not know when to go stealing.

4- Windows in the basement

One of the weakest points in your house. These windows should have glass resistant to breakage, a special lock and, if possible, bars. Everything is little.

5- Guillotine Windows

 5 Tricks to avoid being robbed at home and that thieves can not even enter

It only takes a bit of strength to raise one of these windows, so you should insure them well before leaving home. You will only need a nail that goes through the window and the frame to prevent them from rising.

Is your house a caramel for the thieves? Have you ever been robbed?

Share with your neighbors, the more secure the neighborhood, the less thieves!

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