5 Things that you have been using all your life and that you do not know what they are really for

The routine leads us to question as little as possible what we have to do, in the order that we do it and the way to do it.

Therefore, when someone new comes to the office and explains something as obvious as that the coffee machine has different proportions when it comes to mixing coffee and milk, your mind explodes. You have been since you started as a grantee, serving your coffee with more sugar than usual, only then you could drink it.

Today we bring you a number of uses of objects that surround you in your day to day life that you had never considered but that will undoubtedly change your life.

5 Things you're using wrong and you had no idea.

1- Ear rings

 5 Things you've been wearing for a lifetime and you do not know what they're for actually

Do your headphones have these three black rings? Do you know what they are for? Well, if you are lucky enough to have one of these headphones with 3 rings you have one with the stereo option, if you only have one of the rings, unfortunately, your headphones are only good for listening in mono. Look better the next time you go shopping.

2- Are you a robot?

 5 Things you've been using for a lifetime and you do not know what they're really for

CAPTCHA Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart ( Fully automatic and public Turing test to differentiate computers from humans ).

You have stayed the same, right? Well, although it may seem unreal, the only purpose of these deformed words is to discern if you are a machine or a person, since machines, however intelligent they are, are not able to recognize two words of this style together. For once, what they tell us is the whole truth.

3- Airplane Crystals

 5 Things you've been wearing for a lifetime and you do not know what they're really for
staticflickr [19659008] The purpose of this hole is none other than to balance the outside and inside pressure of an airplane and thus prevent the windows of the windows from breaking.

4- Speed ​​sensors

 5 Things that you have been using it all your life and you do not know what it is really for

Not only is the speed at which a car circulates through infrared sensors, these cables in the middle of the road can determine the speed at which which a car has passed over them and can also identify the brand and model thereof. As? They can detect the distance between tires and deduce what model it is.

5- Bar code

 5 Things you have been wearing for a lifetime and you do not know what they are really for

Any Have you ever wondered what bar codes are for? We all know that it serves to identify the product and its price, right? Well, the bar code does not come anything like the price of the product.

The first 3 digits refer to the country of origin, the 5 following the company that produces the product and the rest are used by those in charge of the product. production to differentiate between all the products of the company.

Did you know the true use of all these objects? Do you know any secret use of your everyday objects?

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Source: geniusstuff | barcode-labels | Your COSMOPOLIS | naij
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