5 Things that men do "little males" and that women love

Although luckily these roles are increasingly changing, still today, in many relationships, man plays the role of strength and protection and they the sensitivity and fragility. These stereotypes have been passed on from generation to generation, and a man who did not comply with them was seen as not very masculine. We must end this stereotype as soon as possible.

However, more and more women are looking for sensitive and anxious men, and not rough men.

5 Things that seem unmanly, but they love women

to look after their appearance

 5 Things men do

It is true that after the first months you enter a stage of trust in which you do not always need to be "perfect" in the presence of the other . However, most women like their partner to remain attractive and not leave out their personal appearance.

They share housework

 5 Things men do

The idea that housework belongs only to women has no place at this time, and gender equality is increasingly latent in all aspects. A couple who share responsibilities and tasks is aware of how important teamwork is . In addition, in this way we help to end the scourge of machismo in society.

Speak with sincerity about their feelings

 5 Things that men do

Many men find it difficult to express what they feel, probably because they are not educated for it. However, being able to freely express their concerns in a relationship improves communication and complicity in the couple; something that most women look for in a relationship.

That they listen to their partner's problems

 5 Things that men do

Machismo has always assumed that it is women who are destined to listen and give advice, something that is not done for them. However, a man capable of listening to his partner, who is capable of caring about her and her concerns will undoubtedly be a better partner.

Let them show their feelings without shame

 5 Things that make men

A man capable of expressing his partner joy, sadness, worry or fear is more attractive, than the one who always tries to hide them and show his strong side, his character and his "manhood" "

Do you think that women like this kind of qualities of men? Tell us in the comments!

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