5 students perform an impressive show at their graduation party

As you know, many public schools are cutting back funds for art. And that includes music. But Los Angeles primary school teacher Malinda Williams made sure her students did not grow up without music.

While she was teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th grade at Baldwin Hills Elementary School, she somehow found time. to bring the music back to your school. Since this teacher was surprised by the "terrible" music that her students are listening to today, I wanted to teach them the music of great artists such as Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5 and The Supremes.

 5 students perform an impressive show at the party of his graduation

So he offered the students the opportunity to perform this great musical work in "The Sounds of Motown", an event that the teacher organized for all the students of the school.

I wanted to remind the audience, the parents, and especially the students, the good times and what life was like then, and especially the music, which was back in the Motown era.

 5 students perform an awesome show at the party of his graduation

The video you're about to see shows Williams' third-year students performing the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back". Have you seen those little ones with those suits? They could not be more cute! There's no question why this performance went viral at once.

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