5 Reasons why you should not sit cross-legged

Sitting cross-legged is one of the most common hobbies that exist. It tends to occur more among women, although there are also many men who cross their legs or at least their feet when they are sitting. At first glance it does not seem at all disturbing, but we assure you that after reading this you will try to avoid this habit.

 5 Reasons why you should not sit cross-legged

These are the 5 reasons why important why you should not sit cross-legged

1- Your muscles are falling asleep

Surely it has ever happened to you. When you cross your legs you press the nerves and this interrupts the correct circulation of the blood. As a result, your foot and even your leg "fall asleep."

This is why you feel tingling or numbness in that area when you have been sitting cross-legged for a long time. If it happens again, get up immediately and move your limbs.

 5 Reasons why you should not sit cross-legged
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2- Encourages the appearance of varicose veins

By interrupting the circulation, blood accumulates in the veins causing them to increase their thickness favoring the appearance of varicose veins.

 5 Reasons why you should not sit cross-legged
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3- Can affect your pelvis

Crossing the legs causes the lateral muscles of the quadriceps to lengthen and the middle muscles to shorten, thus causing an imbalance in the pelvis that may affect your way of walking over time.

 5 Reasons why no you must sit cross-legged
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4- It causes you neck pain

When crossing the legs you are exerting extra pressure on the spine and neck. Over time, you end up leaning and shifting your weight to the side. This, in the long run, will cause neck, back, hip or spine pain.

 5 Reasons why you should not sit cross-legged
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5- Increase your blood pressure

A study by the National Institute of Health conducted in 2007 verified that blood pressure increased when a person sat cross-legged. This, fortunately, does not happen if you just cross your feet.

Generally, blood pressure may fluctuate during the day, but for people with underlying health problems crossing their legs for long periods of time will severely affect their circulation.

 5 Reasons why you should not sit cross-legged
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In most cases, this bad habit makes you have to go to a physiotherapist or chiropractor. As always we defend in rolloid, it is better to prevent than to heal, therefore try to sit straight, with your back resting on the back and legs at a 90º angle and you will avoid many problems.

You also have this bad habit? Tell us in the comments!

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