4 mistakes we make before going to bed that are making us grow old every day

You may think that getting enough sleep and applying sunscreen are enough to prevent skin aging. However, there are certain habits that go unnoticed in our day to day that are making your skin look older.

Purvisha Patel, an experienced dermatologist founder of Visha Skincare, shows us some everyday mistakes that may be damaging our skin without us noticing when the night comes.

4 Things you do before going to bed that make you grow old:

1- Sleeping on your face

 4 Errors we make before going to the bed that is making us grow old every day
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"Gravity acts when we sleep on our face," explained Dr. Patel. The immediate effects of this habit (puffiness and puffy eyes) are caused by the force of gravity that draws liquids from the face down. Over time, sleeping on your stomach promotes facial flabbiness and collagen loss .

If you do not want to slow down aging, do not sleep on your face. Instead, lie on your back to lessen the effect of gravity on your face.

2- Do not wash your face

 4 Errors we make before going to bed that are making us grow old every day
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Washing your face before bedtime is essential to removing dirt and sweat that accumulate during the day.

"If you exercise and sweat, your pores become clogged" , explained Dr. Patel. "If you have oily skin, your face will look even more greasy and oily." Patel recommends to use an exfoliating cleanser to wash the face and open the pores so that the skin can regenerate during the night.

3- Using too many facial products

 4 Errors we make before we go to the bed that is making us grow old every day
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If you use a ton of facial care products and you're not sure how each product is used, you may actually be carrying out a habit harmful to your skin.

"Products containing retinol for example, are used to prevent wrinkles. But when they are mixed with benzoyl peroxide to combat acne, they can resect the skin and increase the irritation of it, "said Dr. Patel. When the skin dries and irritates, it becomes red and inflamed.

Try using products that you are familiar with and that work for your skin type.

4- Do not drink enough water

 4 Errors we make before to go to bed that are making us grow old every day
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Being well hydrated is very important for the skin. "When you are dehydrated, the skin loses turgidity and elasticity ." In the short term, dehydration causes dry skin, making it look wrinkled and aging. Over time, constant dehydration can cause the ultimate loss of skin elasticity, which means you can never recover.

Dr. Patel recommends that you drink at least six glasses of water a day to keep your skin properly hydrated

Follow these tips and keep your skin young forever!

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Source: Menshealth

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