4 infallible tricks to cool the car quickly in summer before riding on it

The best thing about summer is being able to spend a whole day on the beach with the family, enjoying the sun, sand and sea under your umbrella with the cool drink in the cooler. Your children bathe, you take the sun and the hours pass until it's time to go home. Then the nightmare begins, you have left the car in the sun and now, to see who is the handsome one who is riding.

The best way to cool your car in a few minutes

There are many tricks they promise to refresh your car, but at the moment of truth we all end up riding in the boiling car starting at full speed and putting the air conditioning at full speed with the hope that the heat will go away as soon as possible possible.

Before leaving the car, you must place the sun visor on the windshield, in addition to helping the car does not get hot, you will get that the steering wheel will not melt by the sun's rays. On the way back, these are the steps you must follow.

1- All open

 4 Infallible tricks to quickly cool the car in the summer before entering it

Open all you can doors , windows, roof, trunk … With this you will eliminate a large part of the interior heat, although there is not much difference in temperature between the interior and exterior, and you will save energy in the following steps.

2- Remove all the heat

 4 Infallible tricks to quickly cool the car in summer before entering it

Now that most of the heat is gone, raise the windows almost up, leaving a gap of about 5cm , activates the air conditioning at maximum power in the area of ​​the feet and in "outdoor air" mode. You will manage to create a flow of air from the floor of your car that will push the hot air through the window openings .

3- Recirculation

When the temperature is at par with the outside, It is time to close the windows and change the air to recirculation. In this way the air conditioning will take the indoor air, colder than outside and will cool more quickly .

4- Air conditioning

 4 Infallible tricks to quickly cool the car in summer before to enter it

Now that the temperature is already nice, you can change the system to outside air, to provide a bit of O2 to the environment and that the drive is through the upper grids.

You may find it too elaborate, but it is certainly much better than taking a ride with the car at 45º and the windows down . If you go alone, you have a pass, but as you set your children in that hell, they can melt.

What is your infallible method of cooling the car? Are you always looking for a place in the shade?

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