4 Images of the "La Mano de Aguacate" phenomenon that is becoming a nightmare for hospitals

The clichés around the generation of the millenials accumulate in a way that never ceases to amaze us and like a good millennial, surely in your fridge there is no lack of cheese without lactose, pineapple and a good pair of avocados the protagonists of all the emergencies of the world.

Can you get rid of the bone of an avocado?

This delicious food rich in fats (good) is a killer of hands and is that, remove the bone is quite an art. The steps seem simple and we have all practiced them, but some have ended in the hospital because of the avocado.

How is it possible to suffer the attack of an avocado?

The avocado is a fruit pacific that does not attack anybody, but its bone is the incarnation of the devil and to extract its heart, the skill, or lack of it, makes us suffer cuts so deep that they cost a trip to the hospital.

For many courts that suffer, the possibility of not consuming more avocados is not an option, so you must learn to do it correctly or resort to the help of a professional.

" Advice : chop the avocado first and then try to remove it from its shell . "

Be that as it may, we are sure that the restaurants whose main recipes have this ingredient will triumph, because little by little, the avocado it is becoming an entire pesadi lla for many, but to stop eating it is not an option.

For many points that you have to give, it is better to stay without part of a finger, than to stop savoring the delights of a tasty, juicy, appetizing and delicious avocado .

Have you ever cut with an avocado? Are you going to stop eating it because of the cuts?

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