30 Images behind the cameras of Game of Thrones you probably never saw

The Game of Thrones series has crossed the big screen to become a world reference. His actors are the most coveted by producers and directors because it means success and fans almost instantly, but today we want to show you the least seen face of the series: when the cameras are not on.

Images that show the other side of Game of Thrones

1- Ready to record

2- The most awaited couple of the last season

3- So relax Missandei and Worm between takes

4- Oberyn and La Mountain do not get along so bad

5- The lucky Jon Snow

6- Nothing separates these best friends

7- The Stark family

8- The meeting that we all hope on screen

9 – The most feared trio of Poniente

10- Brothers above all

11- Jon Nieve returned home

12- The Lannister more united than ever

13- Best pet than a dragon

] 14- Love of sisters

15- The only survivors?

16- Some sites forbidden two for the Queen of Dragons

17- This is how it is tested

18- The creator with his creations

19- The beginnings

20- Not everything can be wars in Westeros

21- Before and after filming

22- Daenerys is always the worst of the place

23- Birthday without enmities

24- The Lannister love each other, deep down

25- Traveling the world

26 – Some take their families to the filming

27- Not everything can be work

28- Bron and Jaden yes they know each other

29- Even football go together

30- Long filming they end like this

As you can see, the actors get along when they are not shooting and taking advantage to enjoy and spend time together in the different countries they take to record the series.

We are waiting for the last season, but hopefully we continue giving this kind of photos once the series is over.

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