30 dolphins are trapped on the beach and tourists join to save them

In March 2012, something quite strange happened off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The tourists were sitting enjoying the sun and playing in the water, when out of nowhere, a big wave appears in the calm Brazilian waters. But soon they realized that this wave was a surge of 30 dolphins! Who would not want to see a group of these beautiful creatures? Gerd Traue could not avoid recording everything!

But what seemed a priori a pleasant experience, finally became a tragedy. Tourists quickly saw that it was not a show. The dolphins were trapped on the beach, and the first of the group was almost completely out of the water in a matter of seconds.

After the initial shock, the spectators set to work, were divided into a few people for each dolphin, grabbing their tails and giving their all to try to save their lives by pulling them to a safe place. Fortunately, they managed to get them out of the beach while they were still alive.

It is not known what caused this event. What would make them reach the coast even though they put their lives in danger ?, especially because these dolphins live a long distance from the coast.

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