3 Small eat the stage in tutu to remove the funny diva they had inside

Dance recitals can be a bit stressful for smaller dancers. But Johanna Colon from North Carolina, a small girl with a huge salt shaker, had nothing but courage, fun and dynamism during her great performance.

Johanna was part of a trio that was walking around the stage with a pink and black jersey combined with a beautiful polka dot tutu. The music began to sound and the voice of Aretha Franklin filled the room.

 3 Small eat the stage in tutu to take out the funny diva they had inside

His father recorded everything on video , and we are very happy that he did. Johanna's dance routine definitely deserved a great respect from all the spectators .

The crowd could not contain their laughter and applause while Johanna shone on stage. Her extravagant movements of her arms, as she shamelessly nodded her head and the movements full of life, made her stand out from the rest.

 3 Little girls eat the stage in tutu when taking out the funny diva they had inside ]

Elissa's mother told Today that her daughter was rehearsing constantly at home, which gave Elissa the opportunity to teach her daughter everything she knew about the legendary Aretha Franklin. The first thing that Johanna noticed was that Aretha also said a lot of swearing.

Then, as she swings back and forth while applauding, Johanna completely immerses herself in the routine. You can hear his father shouting "That's my girl!"

In the end, she performed her final pose and the crowd went crazy. He ended up receiving an ovation from the 400 people who were in the room.

Take a look at the next video and enjoy the art that this little artist has when she takes the stage.

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