3 Reasons why mosquitoes always bite you

Mosquitoes are always on the lookout, and the truth is that some people are particularly at risk. There is always someone who gets stung, no matter how much insect repellent or cream you use.

At the end of the day, you end up with stings everywhere. Are you one of those people who are always bitten by mosquitoes, while not getting close to your friends?

Have you ever wondered why some people receive special treatment from mosquitoes? It's not just that your blood is sweeter.

 3 Reasons why mosquitoes always sting you
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Mosquitoes are attracted to our skin by the action of bacteria , more specifically, by the smell that these bacteria emit. And the truth is that there are some factors that you should keep in mind that promote these unpleasant bites.

1. Drinking beer

The sweat that you secrete when you drink alcohol magically attracts mosquitoes according to French studies. In one experiment, three beers led to 30% more stings. Bad news for outdoor bars where we like to drink a beer.

 3 Reasons why mosquitoes always sting you
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2. Exercise

Not only does that feeling of attraction to the opposite sex happen to us, finding it so irresistible when we go running … To the mosquitoes something similar happens to them, they feel very attracted towards people when they exercise.

The higher the temperature of your body, the more likely mosquitoes will go to you. This does not mean you should give up outdoor sports – you should put some anti mosquito lotion on them.

 3 Reasons why mosquitoes always sting you
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3. Your blood type

One type of blood is at greater risk than the others. People with type 0 blood were more affected by mosquito bites in the study conducted, up to 83%!

Good news for everyone else, but bad news if you have blood type 0. Sadly, there is nothing that can help you except to put insect repellent and hope for the best.

 3 Reasons why mosquitoes always sting you
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What do you think of these curiosities? Did you know any of them? Do you have a remedy for the happy mosquitoes? You can leave us your opinion in the comments

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