3 Evident signs that prove that we belong to the Snowflake Generation

When we think of a snowflake, we all come to mind the image of a beautiful and unique element that nevertheless possesses an extraordinary vulnerability and fragility .

These last two are some of the characteristics that distinguish people who reached adulthood as of 2010 . It is said that the generation "snowflake" is made up of people who are extremely sensitive to opinions that challenge their view of things and react with excessive susceptibility to the slightest offense, with little or no resilience

The alarm voice, to call it somehow, was given by some professors at Yale, Oxford and Cambridge, who noticed that the new generations of students were particularly susceptible, not tolerant of frustration and particularly given to " make a mountain out of a grain of sand . "

 3 Evident signs that prove that we suffer the Snowflake Generation Syndrome
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We could safely say that Children are more like their generation than their parents. It is true that to understand someone's behavior and personality it is necessary to know the relationship they have had with their parents during childhood and adolescence, however, other things like the standards and the expectations social play a fundamental role in the development of some characteristics of personality.

Making a small analogy, we could say that society is the substrate where a seed is sown and grows, and parents are the gardeners who They deal with making it grow.

This does not mean that all people of the same generation respond to the same pattern, because fortunately there are always certain individual differences. However, we can not deny that different generations have different characteristics, objectives, dreams and way of acting in consequence to the circumstances in which they lived .

Three educational errors that gave rise to the generation "copo of snow ":

 3 Evident signs that prove that we suffer the Syndrome of the Snowflake Generation
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1- Hyperprotection

The extreme vulnerability and low resilience of this generation is born in The education. In general terms, children are educated by overprotective parents willing to pave the way for them and solve every problem however small.

Consequently, these children do not have the opportunity to face the difficulties and conflicts posed by the real world making it impossible for them to develop tolerance to frustration and resilience.

2- Exacerbated Perception of the "I"

Another characteristic that defines the education that people receive from the "snowflake" generation is that their parents have made them feel very special and unique . Although it is magnificent to feel unique, we must remember that singularity does not grant us special rights over others.

An exaggerated perception of "I" can give rise to egocentrism and the conviction that it is not necessary to strive Too much, after all, our uniqueness guarantees success.

3- Insecurity and catastrophism

One of the things that characterizes the "snowflake" generation is that they demand the creation of " safe spaces ". These people feel fear when facing the world due to their lack of experience, the overprotection they have received and the thought of seeing a possible abuse in each action that does not go in their own benefit. This leads them to close in a glass bubble to create a space where they feel safe.

 3 Evident signs that prove that we suffer the Snowflake Generation Syndrome
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Children notice in their parents to solve many of the experiences they live. This means that a paranoid culture, which sees abuses and traumas behind each act and reacts with hyperprotection, actually generates traumatized children .

These people have not sufficiently developed tolerance to frustration, so that the least obstacle discourages them . Neither have they developed adequate emotional intelligence, so they do not know how to handle the negative emotions raised by certain situations.

As a result, they become more rigid, feel offended by different opinions and prefer to create " safe spaces "where everything meets your expectations."

 3 Evident signs that prove that we suffer the Snowflake Generation Syndrome
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They are also more inclined to adopt the role of victim considering that everyone is against them or they are wrong. In this way, they develop the habit of carrying responsibility over others instead of taking charge of their own lives and changing what they need.

The result is also that these people are much more vulnerable to the development of mental disorders, from post-traumatic stress until anxiety and depression. In fact, it is not strange that the amount of mood disorders increases year after year.

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