20 Illustrations that demonstrate the "serious" problems of the first world after 5 years by drawing them

Meet Nils Sjöberg, a artist with a blog in which he draws the problems of the first world. Do you want me to draw yours? Write a comment (and vote) on your Instagram . Every week a new problem.

"I was next to my sick friend in the hospital. She was not improving, "said Nils Sjöberg.

" A while later I was in the cafeteria. Looking for something to drink. But I could not find that soda I had seen in the ads. "

" I was exhausted. I gritted my teeth, cursed and trampled the ground. But hey, did I cry for the soda? "

" Yes, of course. And that's where my idea for this blog was born. Since then, I have illustrated about 250 first world problems for people all over the world "said Nils Sjöberg .

" How does it work? People send me their problems, I let my followers vote on what to illustrate, and then I draw. "

" In 2016 I discovered that Taylor Swift used my name, Nils Sjöberg, as a pseudonym when writing pop songs with Calvin Harris. Definitely a first world problem. I illustrated it and it went mad viral. In 2017, Taylor Swift buried me in her new video. I illustrated it again. And once again it went viral. "

" In September, the blog turns five years old and that's it, the time has come to move on with another project. Until then, I will continue illustrating the problems of the first world and I will be happy to receive more suggestions "shared Nils.

Scroll down to see some examples

1- The dentist asks me questions when he has his fingers inside my mouth

 20 Illustrations showing the

2- Taylor Swift buried me in her video clip

 20 Illustrations showing the

3- I have stepped on a puddle, now I'm going to have to change the sock

 20 Illustrations showing the

4- I put the front camera unintentionally

 20 Illustrations showing the

5- My smartphone is too big for my pocket

 20 Illustrations showing the

6- The banana does not fit in my banana holder

 20 Illustrations that show the

7- The boy next door is using the armrest in the cinema

 20 Illustrations showing the [1965901] 4] 8- Taylor Swift uses my name as Alies when she produces Pop songs </h3>
<p style= 20 Illustrations showing the

9- I have to grab the hood when it's snowing

 20 Illustrations showing the

10- A boy in the gym chose the box office that was under mine, although all the others were free

 20 Illustrations that show the

11- The stones that are embedded in my shoes

 20 Illustrations that demonstrate the

12- The control to open my garage is without battery

 20 Illustrations that show the

13- My glasses are fogged when I enter the supermarket

 20 Illustrations that demonstrate the

14- My boyfriend has used the last coffee capsule

 20 Illustrations showing the

15- I do not know what selfie to upload

 20 Illustrations showing the

16- Nothing else I saw clouds on my last flight

 ] 20 Illustrations

17- My avocados are too hard

 20 Illustrations showing the

18- I'm not able to wear tight jeans

 20 Illustrations showing the

19- I'm a complete addicted to the telephone

 20 Illustrations showing the

20- I always put too many vegetables in my taco

 20 Illustrations that show the

What do you think? Which one did you like the most? Post your impressions in the comments section!

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Source: nilsfirstworldproblems.tumblr.com

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