20 Funny "Tattoos" of people who stayed too long in the sun

It is very important to use sunscreen when we sunbathe or just when we go outside in summer, because the sun ravages our skin and can cause long-term illnesses term. Despite the constant warnings in the press, people forget to use these creams and ends with sunburns of all kinds.

The worst and funniest burns in history

1- Someone forgot to take off his shoes on the beach

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ShaggyUK / via imgur

2- Batman in his skin

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Melanie Thomas / via Pinterest

3- This girl could go without a bikini with such definite marks

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JulieBOURGE / via Twitter

4- It took too long to eat the snack

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Lenita Roberts / via Pinterest

5- Would you fall asleep in that posture?

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CELEBRITY TAN® ♥ / via Pinterest

6- Who needs more shirts with this one burned?

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Clarice Lubs / via Pinterest

7- The couple that burns together, stays together

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Teen / via Pinterest

8- No one explained what happens when the Henna tattoo goes away

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9- An old-style tribal

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Sallie Berg / via Pinterest

10- This guy wore a bikini for a day and there's evidence

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richard94114 / via Tumblr

11- No one told him that the caps also leave a mark

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DKPSAgs / via Twitter

12- The worst burn in history

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gerdyshore / via Twitter

13- Was not it easier to take off the shirt?

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BallaBanArt / via Twitter

14- Someone was very comfortable sleeping in that posture

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Everyday2Runway / via Pinterest

15- The marks and the tattoo fit perfectly

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16- Who blew the cream so bad?

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Drew AbbaDabba / via Pinterest

17-It's all happened to us sometime

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Robert Wallace / via Pinterest

18- Happy belly in every way

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Sabrina Merrill / via Pinterest

19- We already know what I was doing while sunbathing

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20- It happens to Kim Kardashian

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KimKardashian / via Twitter

As funny as these marks are in photographs, do not forget that the sun is very dangerous and that you have to protect yourself with sun creams, caps and umbrellas to prevent greater evils.

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