17 Terrifying make-up inspired by the IT movie to scare anyone

This year's king in Halloween costumes will undoubtedly be the evil devilish clown who has been waiting for 27 years to return to the big screen. With the premiere of the new film IT, the inspiration has come to the world of costumes and today we bring you the best makeup inspired by the clown.

These "Clowns" would make you run until Pennywise

1- All float

2- Fashion clown

3- Start little by little …

4- And you end up like this …

5- Do you want a balloon?

6 – The perfect look to go out one night of Halloween

7- Does not need the white base

8- Fixed but informal

9- The ship that unleashed the tragedy

10- Who's aiming to scare some children?

11- Funny, right?

12- The devil is in the details

13- Trick or treat?

14- Couture couture

15- Red is the new black

16- Do you dare to go clown?

17- The truth behind the mask

Do you dare to disguise yourself as Pennywise?

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