15,000 dominoes placed with great care fall forming a hypnotizing spiral of colors

I'll admit, I'm not exactly a patient person too. Without going any further, the other day I was standing in a line waiting. After more than 30 minutes of standing waiting, the person in front of me did not notice when the line moved forward and I really had to put up with all my strength the desire to tell him to move forward.

However, there are people who have much more patience and take life with more tolerance. An example of them are people who like to create intricate and surprising designs like the one we bring you today in this article.

There are people who enjoy collecting hundreds of chips from dominoes to create patterns geometric with amazing illustrations and then tear them down as soon as the construction is finished. And the truth is that these curious shapes remind me of the art of the mandalas used in Hinduism and Buddhism.

 15,000 dominoes placed with great care fall into a hypnotizing spiral of colors

] Dominoes are probably a bit easier to work with than the colored sand traditionally used to create the mandalas, but that does not mean the task of placing all the pieces one by one, being very careful not to touch the next to prevent it from falling, be less tedious than what it supposed for these artisans.

For example, this triple and colorful spiral consists of nothing more and nothing less than ¡ 15,000 pieces of colors!

 15,000 dominoes placed with great care fall into a hypnotizing spiral of colors

Hevesh5, who is a professional domino artist, took him about 2 5 hours to complete the last section of your work of art. And everything so that in less than two minutes all the pieces fall …

I do not even want to imagine the amount of frustrating attempts failed to place the chips!

I'm happy that people like Hevesh5 are so applied and patient, and that they like to share their fascinating results with the rest of us.

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