12 Things that happen to our body when we start sleeping more at night

48% of Americans admit that they do not sleep enough hours their body needs. But that does not only happen in the United States, in Spain, most people do not sleep as much as they should. If you are one of those people who take sleep lightly at least 7 hours every night today we are going to give you 12 reasons why you should change your sleep habits.

 12 Things what happens to our body when we start sleeping more at night
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12 Reasons why you should sleep more hours

1- You are less likely to get sick

Studies show that sleeping more means having a strongest immune system even when you are directly exposed to viruses during the flu season. There is a great link between getting enough sleep and not getting sick.

2- Your menstrual period will not be so painful

It has been shown that poor sleep habits worsen menstrual cramps . Therefore, getting enough sleep will help you relieve pain.

3- Do not get so stressed

You will handle stressful situations much better if you have gone through the REM phase .

 12 Things what happens to our body when we start sleeping more at night
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4- You feel more energetic

If you sleep well, the next day you will feel much more more energy to perform all your tasks.

5- Everything bothers you less

Not getting enough sleep makes you a lot more susceptible to noise . When you sleep enough, the noise bothers you much less.

6- You are more willing to leave your comfort zone

By giving you energy, you feel with more confidence and you leave your area of comfort more easily.

7- You feel the need to help others

Depriving your brain of enough cycles of REM can make you less altruistic. However, when you sleep and rest well, you want to help people more.

 12 Things that happen to our body when we start sleeping more at night
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8- You concentrate better

The fewer hours of sleep you have in your body, the more it will cost you to concentrate, although surely you have already experienced this. Therefore, if you want to perform much more in your day-to-day life, make sure you get enough sleep.

9- It can help you lose weight

Getting enough sleep regularly has been linked to a minor risk of obesity, partly because is less likely to overeat when we have rested correctly. In addition, we have more energy to spend.

10- The health of your heart improves

Sleep is the key to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease . It is also more likely to regulate your blood pressure levels.

 12 Things that happen to our bodies when we start sleeping more at night
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11- Your blood sugar level will be balanced

Just by sleeping badly one night, our blood sugar levels can be altered. Therefore, if you want to regulate them, make sure you get enough rest .

12- You need to consume less sugar

Having more energy, we do not need to consume so much sugar. As a general rule, sugar cravings occur when we lack energy that's why it's so important that you sleep at least 7 hours every night.

All of these claims have been proven in several studies.

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Source: Cosmopolitan
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