12 Images that show what intimate couples do that they are ashamed to admit

As much as we celebrate Valentine's Day and anniversaries in public and dining in style, love is lived and appreciated when nobody is watching . Instagram photos under the #couples do not have anything to do with reality that hides the privacy of your home.

There is nothing more romantic and that demonstrates love for someone else than spending an afternoon rainy Sunday fighting with your partner on the sofa blanket no matter how hard they try to show only the Netflix screen and the hot chocolate cup.

What is love like when no one is Looking?

This is the question the artist wants to answer Amanda Oleander through her illustrations. His only intention is to capture and capture those moments of the daily routine of a couple who nobody uploads to Instagram but who ooze love from all four sides.

Finds inspiration in their own relationship , that of his parents and friends and closest family members, to whom he has access to those most intimate moments.

All the situations I have lived in my relationship or in the relationships of my closest relatives and friends

We are talking and suddenly I interrupt you, hold that thought and run it down on a piece of paper.

Oleander has been in a relationship with a boy, Joey Rudman, for two years and he says it is most fun, sweet and handsome boy from around the world . What will you say if not?

The young woman is inspired for her illustrations by artists such as Amedeo Modigliani, Alice Neel, Picasso or Tim Burton with an aesthetic reminiscent of 90s drawings with those who grew up

I am obsessed by the behavior of people behind their doors

The most intimate moments never come to be seen. Those are the ones I focus on documenting, since the moment someone sees them, they are altered .

Do not miss Oleander's posts in your Instagram account or website to discover that your partner is not so different from the rest

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