11 Amazing uses and tricks of Garlic that you did not know

Garlic is possibly one of the favorite ingredients of most people when it comes to cooking. Whether to use it in sauces, to complement salads, to marinate food … Garlic is truly versatile.

However, I had never realized that garlic had a lot of uses that go beyond the kitchen. There are a lot of ways in which you can use a simple clove of garlic to improve many aspects of your health.

Not only is it perfect to cure a simple cold, but it has many surprising uses – like driving away pests in the garden, or get rid of the fungi of the feet. I had no idea it was possible!

1. Facial Cleansing

 11 Amazing Garlic Uses and Tricks You Did not Know

Instead of using those dubious chemicals on your skin, garlic provides an all-natural alternative to cleansing your face.

According to Livestrong, "Garlic they contain allicin, which has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. "

They recommend scrubbing a thin layer of a paste of garlic on your face, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Make sure you hydrate well after using it.

2. Heal the fungi of the feet  11 Incredible Uses and Tricks of the Garlic that You Did not Know

It might sound a little strange, but "The New York Times" recommends that you dip your feet for 30 minutes in a bathroom full of pieces of chopped garlic, to combat "Athlete's Foot" and other fungi.

Dr. Lawrence D. Rosen states that "Garlic has long been considered an excellent remedy against fungi."

As an alternative to this solution, you can also mix olive oil with some garlic and rub it on the foot with a cotton ball.

3. Eliminate a toothache

 11 Incredible Uses and Tricks of Garlic You Did not Know

If you are suffering from a strong toothache, and you have not had time to go to the dentist yet, garlic may have the power to give you a great relief to this horrible pain.

The experts of Garlic-Central.com affirm that "The most traditional uses of garlic to relieve toothaches consist of crushing a piece of garlic and placing it inside the mouth, together to the affected tooth. "

Obviously, you should visit a doctor if you have a serious problem with your teeth, but garlic can be a natural and simple way to fight pain in the meantime.

4. Stop an ear infection  11 Incredible Uses and Tricks of Garlic You Did not Know

An ear infection is not a pleasant thing. But garlic can offer you relief because of its antibiotic properties.

WebMD suggests that you put a few drops of hot garlic oil in your ear to prevent pain and discomfort.

They recommend this method particularly with the infections of heard from children, although they always suggest that you visit a doctor first.

5. Thawing the tracks  11 Incredible Uses and Tricks of the Garlic that You Did not Know

Because sometimes the storms or freezing temperatures can catch you off guard, you may find yourself in need of having to thaw the way or the road with anything you have on hand at home.

Garlic salt – something you can usually find in the kitchen, is often used to get rid of ice and snow.

Also, your house will smell like someone is cooking something delicious while melting ice and snow.

6. Eliminate a splinter
 11 Incredible Uses and Tricks of Garlic You Did not Know

An old remedy to remove a splinter that has been stuck deep is to apply half a clove of garlic under a plaster, and let it act throughout the night.

Not only will it eliminate the splinter, but there will also be no signs of swelling, possibly due to the diversity of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic components.

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