10 Tricks and things that Asians do every day to be thin and not win tummy

Statistically, Asians are the thinnest breed, and no, is not by genetics . Their traditions and eating habits are the main cause of their thin complexion. If you want to know what your secret is to keep yourself in shape without having a bad time, read on.

These are the 10 keys of Asians to stay slim

1- Serving size

As a rule, Asians prefer eat small portions. They like to try different dishes during the same meal but in much smaller quantities.

 10 Tricks and things that Asians do every day to be thin and not win a tummy
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2- Many vegetables

Asians eat large amounts of vegetables. In fact, many of their dishes consist of vegetables accompanied by other food. On the other hand, for us, the garnish is the vegetable itself, and sometimes not even that.

3- Cooking methods

If you have gone to Asian restaurants, you will have seen that most of their dishes are at ] steam or boiled .

4- Seafood

Asian cuisine usually contains a lot fish and seafood . These are rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition to having beneficial effects on the immune system, vascular and reproductive, omega-3 also contribute to weight loss.

 10 Tricks and things that Asians do every day to be thin and not win tummy
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5- Fermented foods

Miso soup, kimchi, natto soy, etc. They are fermented foods typical of Asia. These foods act as natural probiotics. Its consumption contributes to the loss of weight, especially to the loss of visceral fat that accumulates around the abdominals.

6- They wash the food with tea

This will seem quite strange, but it is true. Asians do not wash food with water, they do it with warm (usually green) tea. This is because there are studies that claim that washing food with cold water slows down the process of digestion, which can trigger an increase in weight.

7- Desserts and healthy snacks

In Spain, mid-morning or mid afternoon, we eat sandwiches, chocolate, chips, etc. to satisfy our appetite. However, they have a habit of consuming red fruits, seeds and fruits. This, in the long run, makes a big difference.

 10 Tricks and things that Asians do every day to be thin and not win a tummy
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8- Walking

Surprisingly, this habit is related to high population density. Residents of large cities use public transport instead of automobiles; they also live in small apartments in areas where shops, laundries and other public places are within walking distance.

9- Attitude towards food

Apart from the quality and quantity of food, their attitude towards it greatly influences her body. In the West, food is not only a natural necessity, but also an entertainment.

10- Exercise and meditation

Traditional Asian medicine pays great attention to the prevention of diseases and seeks to treat it from the root, while the Western medicine works mainly to tackle its consequences. That is why they practice meditation, Tai Chi and other similar activities to prevent the development of certain conditions, including obesity.

 10 Tricks and things that Asians do every day to be thin and not win a tummy
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These are the main keys and habits of Asians to stay slim without having to do too much physical exercise. Even so it is always advisable to do at least 3 hours of sport a week, it will help you not only lose weight but also improve your overall health.

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