10 Paranormal Events witnessed by the Police

Police officers mostly go through very difficult times. They witness scenes of horrific crimes, they have to deal with the delivery of bad news, and often they do not even receive a reward or thanks for the amount of work and hours they dedicate. However, in some cases, when police officers respond to an emergency call they find something totally different than what they are used to.

Sometimes they do not even have to leave the police station to experience strange things

1- Incident on Devil's Peak

 10 Paranormal Events witnessed by the Police

Maurice "Frenchy" Theriault had a difficult childhood after being abused by his father and to witness a terrible event in the family barn, in which Frenchy had to participate in horrible acts after witnessing it. As he grew older, Frenchy noticed strange abilities within himself, such as knowledge of things he had never learned or superhuman strength.

He was incited by his father to enter the army, forcing him to leave home . In 1985, Frenchy had married, and he and his wife lived on a farm in Warren. But all was not well in the home of the Theriault. Blood appeared in different parts of the house, the couple began to hear voices and see things that disappeared without explanation. Unexplained fires originated on the farm.

Events continued. Several witnesses, including a local police officer, found that these events really happened.

Eventually, they called Ed and Lorraine Warren for help, and in turn they also asked Bishop Robert McKenna for help. to perform an exorcism in Frenchy. Ed Warren almost died during the exorcism, but finally it was a success.

2- "The demon house" of Indiana

 10 Paranormal Events witnessed by the Police

In 2014, a captain of The police corroborated the story of a haunted house in Gary, Indiana, saying that he firmly believed that there was something wrong with the house. The mother, Latoya Ammons, and the grandmother, Rosa Campbell, affirmed that three children were possessed by malignant entities that made them levitate and walk through the walls. There were also claims of mysterious prints that appeared throughout the house and, finally, a photograph showed a "figure" inside the porch of the house. This photograph was distributed by the local police department assuring that when it was taken there was no one in the house. Later it was shown that it had been retouched, but this did not prevent several people, including the police captain, priests and social workers, from confirming that there were demons wandering around the house.

A parapsychologist went to the house and said that it was inhabited by more than 200 demons, and they had possessed the three children who lived there.

The family doctor was not convinced of this, however, and said that the children showed delirious behavior encouraged by their mother. The children were taken away for a while; recently the family has reunited and now they live in another house. Since then they have not reported any more paranormal activity.

The "demon house" was destroyed in January 2016 and then bought by Zak Bagans, executive producer.

3- The forest of the Rendlesham incidents [19659018] 10 Paranormal Events witnessed by the Police ” width=”690″/>

In the week between Christmas and New Year 1980, James Penniston witnessed something strange in the forest of Rendlesham. Penniston, a senior security official in charge of the RAF Woodbridge, was the head of the police team conducting an investigation into a plane crash in the forest.

The ones they found was nothing like a conventional plane. Instead, they found themselves facing a ship that rested on three legs. The ship was triangular in shape and completely intact. What happened next, according to these men, was paranormal.

Penniston wrote an official report that contained statements that his radios were malfunctioning in the presence of the strange ship, there were blue and yellow lights reflecting off the surface, and the air that surrounded the ship creaked with electricity. After writing down the symbols on the side of the boat and measuring its size, the lights on the sides of the ship's surface intensified. Then he rose quietly and walked away at an incredible speed.

At this moment, there were more than 80 policemen in the area and they all witnessed its takeoff. The investigation was classified top secret.

4- Decker and the devil

 10 Paranormal Events witnessed by the Police

In 1983, the prisoner Decker was on leave to attend the funeral of his grandfather . He was at his friends' house in Pennsylvania, and while washing his hands in the bathroom, he suddenly looked stunned and fell to the ground.

When he recovered from the incident, Bob Kieffer asked what had happened to him since he had scratches on the wrist. Decker said that while he was in the bathroom he had had a vision of an old man wearing a kind of crown. Not long after, water began to drip from the ceiling and walls.

Kieffer called the owner, thinking that the pipes could leak. However, he realized that the pipes were on the other side of the house and were not defective. At this time, the water inside the house fell as if it were rain. The two men immediately called the police. Things got worse and Decker began to levitate and hit the wall, while new scratches were appearing on his body.

Officers John Baujan and Richard Wolbert arrived at the house; while Baujan believed that something paranormal was happening, Wolbert was not convinced of it and they left the house without knowing what to write in the report. The next day, two different agents challenged Wolbert's orders and visited the house to see if they could find out what had happened. William Davies and John Rundle claimed to have witnessed a burning in Decker's skin, as well as seeing him levitate.

When Decker was taken back to prison, some of the police officers on duty said they saw the water fall through the walls of his cell. They called a plumber, but left immediately after seeing what was going on in there. The majority of the agents are totally convinced that Decker was possessed by the devil.

5- The mysterious voice

 10 Paranormal Events witnessed by the Police

In 2015, Jennifer Groesbeck, a girl She was 25 years old, driving home with her 18-month-old daughter, Lily, when her car hit a concrete barrier and fell into a river. A fisherman discovered the remains of the car in the water 14 hours later and immediately alerted the police.

Officer Tyler Beddoes was one of the first to arrive on the scene, and when he saw an arm through the window of the submerged car, he and three of his colleagues immediately went to see if they could find survivors. In that situation, the four men heard the voice of a woman calling them. Motivated by the opportunity to save a life, men struggled to get to the car; and when they arrived, they discovered that she had been dead for a long time.

Lily was, fortunately, out of reach of the ice water. The officers at first did not see her, but as soon as they could turn the car over they saw the girl get out of the car. Lily was unconscious, but her eyelids moved; there was hope that she was still alive. She recovered after being transferred to the hospital.

The police officers did not know where the mysterious voice came from, but she allowed them to save Lily.

6- Silbury Hill

 10 Paranormal Events witnessed by the Police
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A police sergeant who was off duty was driving down a road near Silbury Hill in July 2009, when he saw what appeared to be three forensic agents dressed in white coats in a field and looking at something on the ground. He stopped to investigate, when he realized that the three figures were more than 2 meters tall and were blond.

As he approached them, he heard a static reverberation sound throughout the field. When the "officers" realized their presence, they ran until they disappeared from sight faster than a human would be able to. According to the sergeant, the three "beings" inspected a circle that had appeared in the harvest a few days before.

After this paranormal event, the sergeant decided to contact UFO experts, and took to the place of the facts to researchers Andrew Russell and Colin Andrews. The Wiltshire police station had no notice of the sighting, stating that it was a personal matter, since the sergeant was off duty at the time of the incident. Russell and Andrews were convinced that the policeman had seen something "from another world."

7- Capitol Theater

 10 Paranormal Events witnessed by the Police

Deputy Sheriff Dave Murphy was a skeptical with all the paranormal facts until he worked in security at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City in 2012.

Murphy denied everything he had heard about paranormal events until he himself saw the dark shadows moving through the walls at night. He also heard voices and music and finally the spectrum appeared in the middle of the stage. On one occasion, even Murphy saw a woman dressed in clothes dating back to 1900. He claimed to have seen her pass by him in the control room where he worked. Murphy also went on to say that over time the shadows he saw the first time physically attacked him.

Blair Fuller, managing director of the Salt Lake County Center for the Arts, who had also experienced paranormal phenomena in the building, believes that the main culprit is the ghost of a 17-year-old woman who died in a theater fire in 1947.

8- Enfield Poltergeist

 10 Paranormal Events witnessed by the Police

In 1977 , a modest house in Enfield was on the news. Peggy Hodgson claimed that her house had been invaded by an evil entity. Hodgson claimed that his daughter, Janet, told her that her brothers' beds trembled and vibrated. The next night, Hodgson heard a loud noise coming from the children's room. He began to investigate and saw that the drawers of a piece of furniture were moving.

As if that were not enough, there were strange knocks in the house and Janet seemed to be able to levitate over her bed. The case finally caught the attention of the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. While discussing the validity of the disturbing story that was taking place in Enfield, Carolyn Hepps signed an affidavit confirming that she had witnessed a paranormal event at the Hodgson home after being called by the family in search of her. of help.

Whether true or not, the events at Enfield's home were unveiled in the movie "The Spell 2."

9- Soul Collector

 10 Paranormal Events witnessed by the Police
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Frank Marra, already retired, was one of the police officers in charge of searching the rubble of the towers of the World Trade Center in September 2001. It was in 2013, while he was interviewed, when he remembered encounter something paranormal during their long hours of work in the area.

One of the detectives who were also interviewed mentioned having heard something about a ghostly tale of an ant iguo Red Cross worker who appeared to some of the officers while they were working. Upon hearing the detective's statement, Marra recalled seeing a woman in black dressed in a Red Cross uniform who appeared several times while working.

Several police officers who had also been in the place after the attacks claimed have seen large shadows among the rubble. After having seen and heard all the experiences, Marra believes that what he saw was really a collector of souls.

10- Camera of surveillance

 10 Paranormal Events witnessed by the Police

The official Karl Romero was on duty at night in New Mexico in 2014, observing surveillance cameras installed throughout the area. Things went well until he saw something strange in one of the cameras located at the entrance to the station.

He realized that he was seeing a kind of ghostly figure. The front door of the police station was blocked and had an alarm system, so Romero knew it could not be a human person.

When he told his superiors what he had seen, most of them they believed Some even told him their own experiences, saying that they often heard strange and inexplicable noises in the building and that they had also experienced strange sightings in the lobby. Romero transmitted his story on television, saying that he believes in ghosts and thinks that what he could see had something to do with the unresolved killings that had taken place in the area in recent years.

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