10 Macabre objects that have been found inside abandoned buildings

Something has abandoned buildings that give us chills. So much so, that most of us (the intelligent at least) would not dare step on an abandoned building even giving us money.

If there is one thing that is certain, this type of place infuses a certain feeling linked to deserted spaces; Environments that seep into your bones and make you feel a little bit colder. The truth is that, when a person enters an abandoned building, he can never know what to expect.

Police officers often warn the public not to go into abandoned facilities, but since when have they been followed? the councils of the police?

Here we show you the 10 most chilling things found in abandoned buildings:

1- A bathtub full of brains

 10 Macabre objects that have been found inside abandoned buildings [19659007] This image has caused much controversy on the Internet since many people think that everything is a montage. This is because <strong> the origin of this image was never revealed </strong> by the person who published it. However, it is said that the bathtub was found in the basement of an abandoned hospital in the United States. </p>
<h3 style= 2- Two dead bodies

 10 Macabre objects that have been found inside abandoned buildings [19659002] Although when a person chooses to explore an abandoned building he knows that strange things will be found, he never imagines bumping into two corpses . On this occasion, the intrepid adventurers did not enter on their own initiative.

Apparently, a small group of construction workers entered the abandoned building to clear it before the bulldozers pulled it down. To their surprise, they found the bodies of two people in their thirties who had been killed just a week before and had been left in that place to rot.

3- Jars and jars with strange specimens

 10 Macabros objects that have been found inside abandoned buildings There are people who enjoy living in solitude for no other reason than preferring to be alone, and then there are those who seek solitude to dedicate themselves to particularly rare pastimes . [19659002] When two teenagers entered an abandoned building they expected to find something terrifying and exciting, but they never thought they would find it. The building they decided to investigate was full of horrors that were getting worse as they approached the basement .

Once in the basement, the teenagers stumbled over jars and pitchers of strange specimens, some of the which went back many decades. Their findings were so grotesque that they decided to call the police.

4- Corpse mummified in the trash

 10 Macabre objects that have been found inside abandoned buildings

In July 2014, a A particularly disturbing story made the quiet city of Gilbert appear on the news. It all started when the police were informed about an abandoned house that seemed to be in the last.

When the police arrived at the scene, they were surprised to discover that it was not exactly abandoned, simply neglected. Surprisingly, they found the body of a 90-year-old woman completely mummified who had been decomposing for more than four years.

To make matters worse, the woman's 60-year-old daughter was still living at home. Apparently, the daughter did not warn about the death of her mother for fear of being arrested for negligence .

You see, this house was not an ordinary house, it was the house of a person with a syndrome Diogenes, so the daughter was too embarrassed about her lifestyle to call the doctors when necessary.

5- Remains of strange creatures

 10 Macabre objects that have been found inside abandoned buildings

In 2006 a discovery was made that made the people of England sleep with the lights on for a couple of nights. Although the news of these horrendous findings circulated around the world, the disbelief of some people on the subject caused that it was silenced.

In a secret room located under an abandoned orphanage in London were found the remains of really strange creatures. All these creatures seemed to have one thing in common, they were not related to any of the species documented on Earth .

6- Mummified cadaver hanged

 10 Macabre objects that have been found inside of abandoned buildings

There are few people who have the guts to enter an abandoned building, let alone be brave enough to do it alone. For this reason, the prize for the bravest person in the world goes to a twelve-year-old boy living in Ohio.

This child was too curious to know what was hiding in the abandoned house in his neighborhood, so decided to act. His curiosity led him to break into the house and open a closet in the main bedroom of the house, where the boy found a mummified corpse hanging .

After proper investigation, it was decreed that ] the body belonged to the owner of the house, Edward Brunton, who had committed suicide five years earlier . The reason behind the good conservation of your body: low light and low humidity.

7- An alien skeleton

 10 Macabre objects that have been found inside abandoned buildings

Thomas Theodore Merrylin was a zoologist who spent most of his life in the place where he was born; Hellingshire, England. Throughout his life, Merrylin became obsessed with creatures and supposedly ancient beings to the point that he began to collect them in secret.

Decades after his death, Merrylin's laboratory was discovered and his findings photographed and made public.

For many, the creatures in these images are beyond comprehension, so they prefer to see them as a hoax. One of the most disturbing things found in this abandoned laboratory is the skeleton of what appears to be an alien screaming .

8- Dozens of naked dolls

 10 Macabre objects that have been Found inside abandoned buildings

Many people live their lives hiding terrible secrets, and although many of these people carry their creepy secrets to the grave, this does not mean that the truth dies with them. This is exactly what happened when an old petting zoo was reviewed by a small group of adventurers.

One of the many finds made in this abandoned zoo was a decrepit barn full of naked dolls . Without a doubt this is a very surprising fact at least, because the human dolls have nothing to do with a zoo, not to mention that they were all naked.

9- Secret rooms

 10 Macabre objects that have been found inside abandoned buildings

There are some abandoned buildings that are more creepy than others, and I think we can all agree that the older a building is, the more horrifying it seems . In addition, the size of an abandoned building also plays with the terror that a person feels when they enter it, as it usually has more rooms and secret corners to discover.

In 2013, two friends decided to enter an abandoned building in Scotland that it did not have its doors open since the nineteenth century, and what they found inside its walls was frightening.

As expected, the most horrifying findings came from the basement of the building, where the two friends found a spiral staircase that It led to a secret room. While there were hundreds of creepy elements throughout the building, the discovery of a secret room with a small, windowless bed was by far the most disconcerting .

10- A 400-year-old head

 ] 10 Macabre objects that have been found inside abandoned buildings

There are some people who really make a living cleaning the houses of people who die. While this work is undoubtedly morbid, it can be quite interesting, since one can contemplate a person's lifetime possessions.

When Stephane Gabet began cleaning the attic of Jacques Bellanger, a tax collector, he had no idea that would end up discovering a head cut 400 years ago .

Interestingly, the severed head ended up belonging to King Henry IV which raised many questions. The main one is: "Why would an old man have the head of a French monarch?" After some research, it was discovered that Bellanger had bought the head of King Henry IV from a French couple in 1955 for 5,000 francs ]

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