10 Infallible tricks that we should do with our body to get it right in the photos

Going well in photographs is a very little recognized art. We have to admit, there are very few people in the world who are really photogenic. Therefore, the great majority of us must train very well n our poses to not appear to weigh 20 kilos more and be 20 years older.

These are the keys to get better in all the photos

] 1- Chin up

If you have a portrait or half-length photo, the best thing you can do is raise your chin a little. In this way, the features of your face will be stylized, the dewlap will disappear and your pose will be more fun.

2- Distracted attention

Distracting the viewer's attention to other objects is always a good resource when you know that day you do not turn out well at all.

3- Smile

Not only will you look more natural, but you will do much better in photography. Your face will soften and you will leave more favored.

4- Turn your body a bit

It is key so that the picture does not look flat. In this way you will also look thinner and you can hide those defects that you do not want to see.

5- Create contrasts

Creating contrasts in the photo is always a good resource. Both with the colors and with your pose. Mix different colors, lift one leg and stretch the other, put some funny face …

6- Ask them to lower the camera

The photos from below always come out better, they stylize the body, they make you look thinner and with the legs longer and, in addition, they are much more professional.

7- Cross the legs

Crossed legs always look good in the photos, whether you are sitting or standing.

8- Relax and be natural

Relax, smile and be natural. Surely it's easier said than done, but the key is to ask the photographer to make you laugh.

9- You seem to be walking

No, actually the girls who walk out in the pictures, are not going to no side, but what is a great pose?

10- Salt back

If it is from those days when there is nothing you can do to get better in the photos, stand on your back. It is a perfect way to take a nice picture without you see your face.

With these tips you will see how you get out much better in all the photos you get.

Will you put these great tricks into practice? Tell us in the comments!

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